Solr indexing issue

I'm having an issue when uploading a document into the 'Media Library' and I haven't been able to figure out. I need someone that give me some feedback if possible on what else to look.


I have three different environments, two development ans one production but the issue is happening only on production.

Both development environments are self contained boxes (CMS, CD, Solr). They all are installed in one box. One development environment is a VM locally here in my network, The other dev environment is a VM in Azure. Production environment is a set of VMs as follows 1 CMS, 2 CD, 1 Solr.

The expected behavior is that when I upload a document, it automatically is indexed and available on the search result. What I'm experiencing on production is that unless I manually rebuild the index then the new uploaded document is not available on the search result. But this is a big library that takes more than an hour to build the indexes.

If you have any idea what to look, please let me know. I have compared the config files from all three environments and they are the same, specially under 'App_Config\Include\zzz', and 'App_Config\Sitecore\ContentSearch' folders.

The only difference I see is that for production Solr version is 6.6.3 while for development environments is 6.6.2


Thanks in advance.



  • In reply to Oscar Giraldo:

    Hi Oscar,

    Since you had those extra config files (using master index I believe) on CD servers, it was trying to use them to fetch the indexed results and as master is not configured to be used on CD, it was failing.

    If you feel you are good to go, you can suggest this as an answer. Glad I could help a bit.