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Template property of type droplist has a source using a query, looking for non null in a property

I have a new template that I created that has a property that is a Droplist and it has a Query:fast looking for items that are of a certain template.  This works great, the next step would be to only allow the items that have a property (say searchable) that is not Empty.


Currently works, just need to add another parameter to add the non null for "searchable"

query:fast://*[@@templateid='{51E1C4BE-50D2-4802-AB8F-BE77B8754FC8}' and @@key!='__standard values']

See attached:


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  • Hi Daniel,

    It is depends on the field type of "Searchable" and also the type of the field i.e. whether it is custom field or whether it is custom field.

    Assuming it is custom field and field type check box. We can write the query as below:

    query:fast://*[@@templateid='{51E1C4BE-50D2-4802-AB8F-BE77B8754FC8}' and @@key!='__standard values' and @Searchable = "1"]

    This will get you the results which are marked as Searchable.

    Hope this helps. If I have assumed it wrongily then please let me know.