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Updating Tracking Attribute through Search

I need to add a tracking attribute to all the documents in a folder. I'm adding a filter to the top level by template so I have a list of all the PDF's in the search result. I'm then selecting Search Operations -> Add Campaign Events.  This, in theory, should add the event to all the items in the results.

However, it seems to be randomly Adding a Campaign event through the results in the folder. When I go back and spot check, I'll see some that have the attribute assigned and others that don't. I seem to have to go back and check every document individually which is going to take quite some time.

Could it be a limit on the number of results returned and how many can be assigned? (example: The last set of results returned was 109.)

Could it be something with subfolders? (though I am trying it on a single folder with no subfolders)

A glitch?

Anyone have any ideas of what I may be doing wrong or any incorrect assumptions I'm making?