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ItemService support for http response 304 not modified

I have a client consuming content hosted in Sitecore where performance and offline functioning is critical.  Content is cached locally and checks for newer content must be as efficient as possible.  I am looking to replace my custom webservice with Sitecore ItemService or oData service.  However, I cannot find any information on whether those services support HTTP headers if-none-match (eTag) or if-modified-since (date) and return status code 304 as appropriate.  Please advise whether these are supported out of the box, or if there is an easy way to plug in support for these.

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  • Hi Philip,

    Not sure if the legacy Sitecore Item service supports the Http headers but I am quiet sure that OData service present in Sitecore latest versions (9.x and above) supports the HTTP headers. It is used in one of our projects.
  • In reply to Rohan Kenkre:

    Thanks for the follow-up. Do you know if the 304-related headers are supported "out of the box"? If not, any suggestions how best to plug in custom support?