Is there a report to list all items of one type that link to items of another type?

Noob here - sorry in advance. If I use the wrong terms I apologize. I would like a report of all pages that utilize items of a certain type (created from a single template). I'm probably not asking this right, but here goes: I have a number of items created from several templates (single & double column page layouts basically). A number of them have a Blog Carousel at the bottom of the page, some do not. There are hundreds of these pages. There is a single folder with all the blog carousels.

Is there an easy way within the Content Editor to show all the "page" items that link to a any of the blog carousel items? NB: this is a many-to-one relationship (if that helps). In other words a single blog carousel can be used on multiple pages, but a page can only link to one single blog carousel.


(NB: very proficient in SQL - so if I have to go to the db to query the list that works for me as well - just need to know the relationships.)

  • Hi Daniel,

    I haven't tried it hands-on but if I am put in your shoes then I will go with one of the below approaches:

    The simplest way can be Advanced Search -> Click on Home, click on Search Icon in the right panel(above Quick Info section) and use right hand side facets to filter the pages based on the templates. And see if you get the options in the search bar to filter it further on Blog carousal. This Search is very efficient.

    If the above doesn't work then the Sitecore Powershell Extensions (SPE) gives many out of the box reporting options. OR you can modify the script of one of the reports to fit in your requirements.

    Also we have #spe channel on Sitecore Slack where you can ask the experts if you are interested to know how you can achieve it.

    Hope this helps.
  • - In The Content Editor go the template
    - In the Top navigation clik the NAVIGATE tab
    - In the NAVIGATIE menu, clik Links

    And you see all items that refer to the selected item. This is depend on the "link database" in the Control panel you have an option Rebuild link database. you can hit that if you feel it is not showing what your expect.

    If you need a beter rapport programmatically you can use this, "link database" with PowerShell.

    $referrers = Get-ItemReferrer -Item $item
    if ($referrers -ne $null) {
    $count = $referrers.Count
    foreach($ref in $referrers) {

    For the reference,same answere in other words on