Sitecore.Support.156916 compatibly with Sitecore 9.3


Is there any release of Sitecore.Support.156916 that is compatible with Sitecore 9.3? I am currently trying to find a solution for the really slow functionality of My Items functionality. I came across this page - - but after a quick look I realize there's no actual solution for this Sitecore version.

Just for curiosity, I tried to apply the latest release of Sitecore.Support.156916 in my Sitecore instance 9.3 but when trying to Unlock/UnloackAll item(s), I get exceptions.

I hope I am asking in the right place, let me know otherwise!

Thanks in advance!

  • Did you already try the last option (i.e. Solution 5 (Workaround For Sitecore XP 9.1)) suggested in the kb link you shared: ?

  • In reply to Amrita Shukla:

    Yes, there is almost no performance improvement at all.

    The solution 4 made tremendous improvements to the performance, it became almost instantaneous. However, I later faced the issue of the Unlock/UnlockAll functionality.

    I inspected the dlls of Sitecore.Support.156916 and Sitecore.Client and compared the methods Unlock and UnlockAll, they have exact same code. Thus, I guess it's all about compatibility. I can't find any other approach to this problem online.
  • In reply to Pedro Almeida:

    Hi Pedro, then it's best to raise it with Sitecore Support. They should share the Support dlls for your version of Sitecore i.e. Sitecore 9.3.