With the release of Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016 not too far off, has anyone addressed how the availability of HTTP/2 and how that might work with Sitecore?

How will HTTP/2 interact with Sitecore, and how might Sitecore help address features that aren't really implemented in the current HTTP/2 stacks?

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  • Sitecore doesn't need to do much (if anything) really. It's the IIS (the web server) who will negotiate HTTP/2 with the client browser over TLS (SSL). At least that's how I understand it based on everything I heard from Ilya Grygorik talks and podcasts interviews about it.
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    There are other parts, like the server push part of the spec that have to do with the server being able to know what resources are going to be needed by the client in order to send them before they are explicitly requested. I could see Sitecore definitely involved in that respect. I'd also like to hear how this new mechanism might interact with Pipelines and such.
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    I tend to agree with Pavel Veller - what's wrong with request to IIS, IIS tells Sitecore to render site (exactly as before), IIS looks which resources are referenced and sends the rendering result to the client as well as the referenced resources?
    I'm quiet excited about HTTP/2. I suppose for Sitecore it means they won't ever start using Bundling for js/css files in the client as having 50 js files in the Content Editor won't be much of an issue with HTTP/2 (but sucks with http/1.1).
  • We are going to stat testing with Windows Server 2016 and Sitecore shortly. Our Sitecore Server sites behind a reverse proxy so we will likey have to update the reverse proxy to 2016 also. We use a CDN although they currently do not support HTTP/2. I expect/hope to get some amount of increased performance by leveraging HTTP/2. Eventually though I suspect Sitecore will have to be updated to fully support all the features of HTTP/2, I can't imagaine all this will fall on IIS, this is based on my limited knowledge of HTTP/2, so don't judge.

    I read in another Microsoft forum that older IIS versions (IIS 8.5 for example) might offer an update to IIS to support HTTP/2, although I am not holding my breath.
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    We are starting up a new Sitecore-project shortly and our customer really want Windows Server 2016. How far did you come in your testing Jason? Did you experience any problems or does Sitecore work as expected?