Sitecore 8 Wildcard item url is picking context item outside the site tree automatically

Hi dear fellows,

We have Sitecore 8 Update-5 upgrade instance on test. We have wildcard urls in our code base early solution like News/*/*/*/* to handle yr/mnth/day/news urls. But after upgrading now the Sitecore 8 behaviour seems different, Looks like ItemResolver is already setting the Context Item to the one outside the Site tree but under Home node in the News folder.

This raises the problem that the actual item has not presentation set, as it doesn't require also. But Sitecore setting it as Context Item says that Layout for the specified item is not found. This doesn't picks the settings and layout details on wildcard item in this case.

How can I handle this, any config change required ItemResolver or LayoutResolver settings? I don't have any wildcard module extra added in our solution.

Our solution is upgraded web forms application, by default MVC is enabled in Sitecore 8 upgrade.

Thanks for any pointers.