Is there a new IntervalTokeep setting in Sitecore.Tasks.CleanupEventQueue?

Since upgrading from 7.2 rev. 140526 (7.2 Update-2) to 7.2 rev. 150408 (Update-4) we've started to see errors with the scheduled cleanup agent for cleaning the event queue:

ERROR Cannot parse the time interval specified in the 'IntervalTokeep' option to the desired format 'hh:mm:ss' for the CleanupEventQueue agent. The value specified in the DaysToKeep option will be used instead – the specified value is '1' days. The specified value in the IntervalToKeep option is ''.

So is there a new setting, and is this documented anywhere? I couldn't see it in config changes.

  • I had the same error message, but with sitecore 8 update-4
    After contacting sitecore support, they report it was a bug and as a workaround, asked to add following parameter to the CleanupEventQueue task:
    reference number for the issue is 439386