Need you opinion on implementing single-page application behaviour

Hi all,

I've just published a post summarizing our experience with implementing SPA behaviour on our sites:


What approaches did you use when implemented such behaviour and what worked well?

This is my first post and I'm very interested in your feedback.




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  • Hi Andrey,

    nice article!
    In my opinion first scenario never should not be chosen. Because we loose the major Sitecore functionality which is personalisation.

    Second and third scenarios look much better ;) Have you had any experience with Angular/ReactJs in those two scenarios?
  • In reply to Lukasz Skowronski:

    Hi Łukasz,

    Thanks for your response!

    We had used Backbone with second approach - and it was working fine.

    I haven't tried Angular with Sitecore - as it's supports browser side rendering only and we usually want to retain server rendering for SEO reasons - so I don't think it's an option.

    React is little bit more promising and we are currently researching it for next project. With it you could implement custom server side React view type. If you are interested, there's good article by Alex Shyba about it:

  • Hi Andrey,T


    Thanks for the article which nicely layouts the possibilities for a setup with SPA and sitecore. You seem to favour the third option but the support for analytics isn't stated explicitly with that option. What are your experiences with this?


    Any other experiences or other insights you've had since writing the article are greatly appreciated as well.


    Thanks in advance.

    Esther Sijbenga.

  • Hi Andrey,

    The links to the two files seem to 404 in your third option...JsonPageModel.cs and JsonRenderingModel.cs

    Would it be possible to update those links?

  • Hi Andrey

    Have you got the sample application/POC built on Third approach anywhere on GitHub?

  • Hi Andrey,

    Business scenario (the client needs the Sitecore to be their content backbone (saving all of the Data templates) and they need to build a list of components same as they have in their SPA and they need to serve personalized (using Sitecore rules engine) HTML (XML CDATA ) via Sitecore APIs)
    Is this scenario is applicable to be implemented?
    what is better XML CDATA or Mustache Templates and Why?

    Thanks in advance
  • In reply to Robert Senktas:

    I believe Sitecore, in it's upcoming version 9, is introducing a full support for AngularJS - making AngularJS the first-class citizen in Sitecore. Maybe worth checking this out before venturing into it on your own. Unfortunately, Sitecore is quite tight-lip about it saving the news for the October Sitecore Symposium 2017.

    Thus, if u could wait - may save u some work and possible re-writes in the future to align with Sitecore's implementation (to get the full benefit of Sitecore support).