SOLR on Windows instead of Linux

We are doing a retail project and our client wanted to setup Solr search in windows instead of Linux. Is there is advantages of setting up Solr on a Linux OS.
We have no previous experience on setting up Solr search either on Windows or Linux. Could you guys please guide us on the advantages / disadvantages of setting up Solr on Windows Vs Linux.

  • I will let those with specific Linux experience speak to the actual SOLR performance, though I've heard anecdotally that there is a performance benefit to running on Linux. However, I always recommend that regardless of minor performance benefits that an organization should look at the cost of ownership.

    If your organization doesn't have a team that knows how to manage a Windows server, you shouldn't be adding a Windows server just for SOLR. Similarly for Linux... you will run into far higher costs of ownership bringing in operating systems that your team does not know how to operate or manage. When you have something like SOLR that can run on either, I find it best to go with the operating system that fits best into your organization's regular backup and maintenance practices.

  • I will reinforce the recommendation by (deleted user), I am running into this with a client now. They opted to go with installing SOLR on Linux but are struggling to support it. A couple of us on the project have some level of experience with Linux but most of the development team doesn't so that has been a struggle as well.

    If you do have resources that will be able to support SOLR on Linux then there some added benefits, including some performance but I haven't yet add opportunity to quantify that on my project. For example the "bin/post" is a Unix shell script and there is not comparable windows command file like there is for "bin/solr". You can overcome this using the "post.jar". See: Tool

    - Chirag