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The Document Manager Crashes

The Document Manager returns 101 empty items and then it crashes with the error 'Callback has failed'. What could be a possible cause? (Sitecore 8.0 Update 3)


EDIT:After some debugging I found that the control is missing 'ViewPaths'. The DocumentManager gets this setting from the HyperLinkManager which is just passing the parameters that are suppied from the RedEditior. Still trying to figure out why the RadEditor is not supplying the ViewPaths. It will probably be some Sitecore setting, but who knows.

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  • In reply to Bob Sanders:

    Hi Bob

    I have the same issue in my environment, do you still have the problem? I have installed Sitecore 8 with the update 5.
    Thanks in advance.

  • In reply to Marc Birkner:

    I had the problem but Sitecore support gave me a fix:

    Please apply the following workaround to the issue:
    1. Open the /Website/sitecore/shell/Controls/Rich Text Editor/EditorPage.aspx file
    2. Find the following text part and replace it:
    MediaManager-ViewPaths="/media library"
    TemplateManager-UploadPaths="/media library"
    with this one:
    MediaManager-ViewPaths="/media library"
    TemplateManager-UploadPaths="/media library"
    3. Clear browsers cache and try the issue again.
  • In reply to Bob Sanders:

    Defining the DocumentManager "DeletePaths" and "ViewPaths" attributes to the <telerik: RadEditor> control on EditorPage.aspx fixed the issue.
    After the recent SXA installation in our CMS instance (v8u3) we started facing this issue.