In Sitecore 8.1 why do my users need to click edit on an item before they can approve/reject it?

I'm using the sample workflow in 8.1 (rev. 160519) and users need to click the edit button before they can approve/reject changes. We don't have this issue in any other versions of Sitecore and the user is still able to approve from the workbox without having edited it first. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be changed so that my users can just approve an item without first having to lock it?

  • So the answer to my question is that Sitecore decided to change how the workflow panel renders small buttons and added in a flag to decide whether it should be disabled/greyed out. This flag is only ever true if you are an administrator or if the item is locked. So i'm just going to have to overwrite the WorkflowPanel.cs class so that it works the same as the older versions of Sitecore again