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Having a problem with <encodeNameReplacements> not working

For some reason I can't get Sitecore (I'm on 8.1 Update-3) to serve up URLs with dash replacements instead of spaces (%20). In the Sitecore.config file, the following section is there:

    <replace mode="on" find="&amp;" replaceWith=",-a-,"/>
    <replace mode="on" find="?" replaceWith=",-q-,"/>
    <replace mode="on" find="/" replaceWith=",-s-,"/>
    <replace mode="on" find="*" replaceWith=",-w-,"/>
    <replace mode="on" find="." replaceWith=",-d-,"/>
    <replace mode="on" find=":" replaceWith=",-c-,"/>
    <replace mode="on" find=" " replaceWith="-"/>


But when I try and preview pages, or just browse to a page and type it a url with dashes instead of the "%20" where the space would be (as displayed in the content tree), I get a page not found. Is there some other setting I'm supposed to trigger to make that actually start working with those rules?

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