Inheritance chain breaks between templates

When inheriting a template from another template we ran in to the following problem.

Normally, the presentation details is carried over from the parent template to the inheriting template. However, when you edit the presentation details on the inheriting template you break the inheritance chain. Meaning that subsequent changes on the parent template are not carried over to the inheriting template.

This poses some difficulties for the components that need to be present on each webpage. Is this a bug or as designed and does anyone know if there is a way to solve this issue? (maybe by implementing a new pipeline that handles template inheritance)

Any help or insight on this issue is much appreciated!

  • Hi,

    If you change the presentation details of the Parent Template, then you need to reset the Presentation on the inherited Template. For example:

    - You have Template A and Template B.
    - Template B inherits the Template A.
    - Presentation is changed on Template A.
    - Reset Presentation on Template B

  • Hi Marcel,

    Setup the base template and setup the presentation on the standard values.
    When you create a new template on top of that base template you clould setup the standard values for that template which is by default the presentation of the base template standard values. Here you can change for example a rendering that is specific for that template.
  • In reply to Menno Visser:

    Thanks for your response. Point is that if you change the renderings for the new template and after that change the renderings for the base templates. The changes of the base template are not carried over to your new template.

    You could reset the presentation details of the template that is inheriting from the base template. But than you lose the changes you made on the inheriting template.