Error while loading experience editor ribbon


There is an error loading ribbon in Experience Editor or Preview mode. My page loads with the loading button keeps on rotating. When I checked the event log it shows error while rendering view '/sitecore/shell/client/Sitecore/Speak/Ribbon/Controls/Chunk/Chunk.cshtml'. I am using Sitecore 8.1



  • In reply to vijay anand:

    The actual error was in "\sitecore\shell\client\Sitecore\Speak\Ribbon\Controls\LargeButton\LargeButton.cshtml". This issue was occurring in my authoring environment, i have my web-preview database name as "web-preview". But the code behind for this view has database name "web" hardcoded in it which eliminates the ability to remove all traces of it from the configs.

    Raised a ticket with sitecore, applying the patch "Sitecore.Support.98798" provided by sitecore helped in fixing the issue.