Workflow notifications in Experience Editor don't show up unless editing Final Layout.

We have a multilingual site using the same layout/components. Our EE editors need to be able to edit the page's Shared Layout and submit thru workflow, but when in that mode, the workflow notifications do not show.

Any ideas? I've not been able to find any info on the net.


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  • I´m not 100% percent sure, if this helps in your case, but you might consider this CopyPageToVersions extension. This way you could use the Workflow for one version and then copy the Accepted version to other Languages and versions of that item.




  • Maybe it is a security issue with the workflow? Make sure the user that is supposed to see the workflow has access to it. To do that in content editor click on the workflow and from the top ribbon select assign|security.
  • I have the same issue. Its NOT an security issue. I loggin in with admin. Further I see the WF Actions in Final Layout but NOT in the Shared Layout after switch on the same page! Any ideas?

  • This behavior is on purpose. See SC Supprot answere:

    This is expected behavior to avoid confusion when someone submits or approves item in workflow working with “Shared Layout” as in this mode a user does not see the actual page, but only the part that is used by all item versions.
    I.e. in this mode, you can’t be sure what you are pushing to the next workflow state.
    Only “Final Layout” gives you a full picture of what you have.