Missing items in Sitecore 8

Hi all, 

I have noticed that there are items that go missing from the Sitecore and there is quite a few of them. 


This is happening to random items where the category, display breadcrumb and include in navigation are being unchecked. 

I can navigate to the articles by URL but they won't show in navigation. 

This means 100's of articles are going missing from navigation.  

To my understanding, if the navigation options are checked/unchecked the article would need to be published for changes to be applied. So at some point in time Sitecore is deciding to uncheck the options and publish the article? Strange. 

I have noticed it's happening in most cases where the article was copied.  

Would be of great help if someone can advice on how to tackle this issue.



  • Two things:

    1. If your Sitecore instance is configured to reference the Master database, simply saving a change in Sitecore will make the change show up on the front-end of the website. You can verify this by going to the /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx page and searching for the <sites> node. In this section, look for the site that matches the URL you are accessing. If this is a single site instance, it's likely no URL will be listed in this section. If this is the case, simply find the site where name="website". Look at the attributes on this site. One of the attributes is "database". The value should be "web". If it is "master", then simply saving content in Sitecore will make it go live. If the value is "web", you should have to publish for your changes to go live therefore you are correct in finding this to be a strange behavior.

    2. Are these items clones of other items? You mentioned it happens mostly to articles what were copied. Is it possible they were cloned instead of just copied? If so, maybe these checkboxes are being unchecked on the original item(s) and this is affecting the clones.
  • In reply to Douglas Couto:

    Hi Douglas,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Looking at the configuration:

    <site name="website" enableTracking="true" virtualFolder="/" physicalFolder="/" rootPath="/sitecore/content" database="web"

    So that should be correct.

    No they wasn't cloned probably copied and then edited.

    I edited a page and published it and the checked to see the changes was showing and after few hours it was missing in the navigation, obvious because it was one of the three main navigation.

    When i checked the Include in Nav option was unchecked with the others, check them and published it appeared again. Hope that helps, if any more information needed I will be happy to provide.
  • In reply to Shahjahan Malik:

    Hi Shahjahan,

    Assuming this could be human error by a Content Author, you could verify this by:

    1. turning on "Standard Fields"
    2. opening the Statistics section
    3. taking a look at the "Updated" field and the "Updated by" field

    These two fields should give you an idea of when and who last modified this item.

    If it says "sitecore\admin", it could mean one of two things:

    1. someone is logging into Sitecore with the admin account
    2. there is code that is modifying these items programmatically and the code is running within a SecurityDisabler block. If I'm not mistaken, if you have code that modifies your Sitecore items and this code is inside of a SecurityDisabler block, Sitecore will register the content changes as being done by the sitecore\admin user.

  • In reply to Douglas Couto:

    Tried the above suggestion.

    Looked at an article which was published and revised next day by the same editor.

    For this article the breadcrumb bar isn't showing because that's been unckeched.

    Could this be linked to item buckets somehow?

    Because I can't seem to figure another way out to detect this strange behavior. I am still looking in to it see what can be causing this.
  • Please check the logs and see if there is any background service / schedule service that is updating the item periodically ? There could be publishing restrictions on the items and they may be reverting to previous version. Scan of the logs will give you a better understanding.
  • In reply to Naveed Ahmad:

    Should I be looking in to the publishing logs? Think publishing setting could be doing something here:

    10164 14:39:50 INFO [Recovery]: Setting default publish recovery strategy.
    10164 14:39:50 INFO [Recovery]: Publish Recovery Enabled - False
    10164 14:39:50 INFO [Recovery]: Publish Recovery Strategy - DatabasePublishRecoveryStrategy
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.AutoScheduleSmartPublish:True
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.CheckSecurity:False
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.CompareRevisions:True
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.DisableDatabaseCaches:False
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.ExecuteInManagedThreadPool:False
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.LogInterval:0
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.MaxDegreeOfParallelism:1
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.PublishDialogPollingInterval:500
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.PublishEmptyItems:False
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.PublishingInstance:HFZ3162-Sitecore
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.RequireTargetDeleteRightWhenCheckingSecurity:True
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.StatusUpdateInterval:00:00:02
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.ThreadPriority:BelowNormal
    10164 14:39:50 INFO Settings.Publishing.TimeBeforeStatusExpires:02:00:00
    ManagedPoolThread #14 14:40:23 INFO PublishAgent started (source: master, target: web, mode: Incremental, languages: en|da)
    ManagedPoolThread #14 14:40:23 INFO Asynchronous publishing started. Job name: Publish to 'web'. Languages: en|da
    13988 14:40:24 INFO Starting [Publishing] - AddItemsToQueue
    13988 14:40:24 INFO PublishQueue FROM override for Incremental publish. New From date: 2017-04-19T13:39:05.7274822Z, Oldest language: en
    13988 14:40:24 INFO Finished [Publishing] - AddItemsToQueue in 738 ms
    13988 14:40:24 INFO Starting [Publishing] - ProcessQueue
    13988 14:40:33 INFO Finished [Publishing] - ProcessQueue in 8907 ms
    13988 14:40:33 INFO Publish Mode : Incremental
    13988 14:40:33 INFO Created : 8
    13988 14:40:33 INFO Updated : 209
    13988 14:40:33 INFO Deleted : 1
    13988 14:40:33 INFO Skipped : 290
    ManagedPoolThread #9 14:40:58 INFO PublishAgent started (source: master, target: web, mode: Incremental, languages: en|da)
    ManagedPoolThread #9 14:40:58 INFO Asynchronous publishing started. Job name: Publish to 'web'. Languages: en|da
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Starting [Publishing] - AddItemsToQueue
    12624 14:40:58 INFO PublishQueue FROM override for Incremental publish. New From date: 2017-04-19T13:40:23.0084822Z, Oldest language: en
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Finished [Publishing] - AddItemsToQueue in 0 ms
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Starting [Publishing] - ProcessQueue
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Finished [Publishing] - ProcessQueue in 0 ms
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Publish Mode : Incremental
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Created : 0
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Updated : 0
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Deleted : 0
    12624 14:40:58 INFO Skipped : 0
  • In reply to Shahjahan Malik:

    Check you publish settings, I think it is set to do incremental publish every 30 seconds something like this in you Sitecore.config file

    <agent type="Sitecore.Tasks.PublishAgent" method="Run" interval="00:00:30">

    change it to

    <agent type="Sitecore.Tasks.PublishAgent" method="Run" interval="00:00:00">

    This will disable the incremental publish every 30 seconds.

    If you don't have any workflow implemented, then what is happening that this service is publishing every 30 seconds any thing that content editor are updating.
  • In reply to Naveed Ahmad:

    Had a look at sitecore config:

    <agent type="Sitecore.Tasks.PublishAgent" method="Run" interval="00:00:30">
    <param desc="source database">master</param>
    <param desc="target database">web</param>
    <param desc="mode (full or smart or incremental)">incremental</param>
    <param desc="languages">en, da</param>

    As you mentioned above the service is publishing every 30 seconds.

    We have implemented workflow recently so I guess will just be monitoring now under the workflow if articles go missing or not. Probably do some extra logging for publishing and keep track of the content.
  • In reply to Shahjahan Malik:

    Will disabling incremental publish have any effects?
  • In reply to Shahjahan Malik:

    If you have implemented workflow you may need to check that all articles are under workflow and not in some random state.
  • In reply to Shahjahan Malik:

    If you do not have a requirement of 'schedule publishing' then disable it, as it will continually clear your cache and re-index, or increase the time to 5 minutes. Continually publishing will also slow down the website.