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deleted component still appearing on site

Hello Sitecore 8 community

I'm fairly new to Sitecore in a content manager role, so I'm hoping I'm asking this question the correct way.

We had a component for Annual Meeting registration and since the meeting finished up last week, the junior webmaster deleted the component yesterday. However, the content of the component is still appearing on the site in 130 places. Republishing pages that previously had the component did not remove the component content from the page on prod.

- How can I get the deleted component from appearing?

- What's the best practice for next time we need to remove a component that appears in many places on the site?

Thanks for you assistance.


- William

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  • William,
    You are referring to a rendering that has been places on multiple templates on your site?

    Also, when you said "deleted component", do you mean actual rendering was deleted without removing it from presentation details on the pages?

  • In reply to Alex Kronberg:

    If it is appearing at so many places, best approach would be to ask help from your Development team to remove that component from template instead of doing a change across all content that refers to it.
    Once it is taken down from templates, it will disappear from content as well.
    I would recommend you/content authors to clean up any datasources that specifically set up for this component in your content tree, to keep things clean
  • As far as I know, when you delete a sitecore item from the master database, it will still exist in the web/pub (or whatever name) which is used for the content delivery environment. That's why you still see it. It's not a best practice but if you want to delete an item, you should set that item to Never publish, then try to publish that item. By doing this, you're telling Sitecore to remove the related item in the content delivery environment (web/pub.. db). After that you can go ahead with deleting the item.
    In case you already deleted that item without above steps, you can switch the database to the web/pub database in desktop mode, and then delete the item which you deleted in master database.

    Remember that, when you delete an item which is referred by other items, Sitecore may give you some options to process with the link (referrer, reference) items.
  • In reply to Van Vuong Hoang:

    I appreciate this and the other responses. What ultimately happened was the junior webmaster that deleted the component published the entire Global Components directory. This cause more problems that it solved -- the 130 pages that were referring to the component no longer delivered. Ultimately, our development vendor had to create a codefix which was then deployed by our apps team.

    Moving forward, for component governance, what do you recommend when we do when the contents of a component are no longer needed?
  • In reply to William Yurasko:

    I am glad your Development team fixed it. Firstly, the permissions should be set for Junior WebMasters to be different than admin, they should have access to delete as easily and publish the whole tree for example. This would slim down chances like this to happen in future.
    Second, when a component need to be removed from lot of pages - it should not be done via content and should be done by development team. You could choose to do this via content, but, it is tedious. Usually, much simpler effort on development side.