Need advice about performance problems

 Hello everybody!


I need some advice from experienced people. 

I got a sitecore 8.0 site. And I faced a problem with very high cpu load. Apache benchmark tests show about 30 requests per second with 100% cpu load. I tried to add more cores, but even 24 core VM doesn't help.

I checked Sitecore cache tuning guide and read IIS optimisation guides. I set all values for caches according to the recommendations. . 

Also I enabled output caching in IIS. But I can see that there is not the memory problem because there is about 40% of memory is free.

My site has a lot of renderings and my theory is that all these elements renders each time when a user opens the page.

 I tried to enable rendering caching but it was not a good idea. I started to receive wrong data on my pages.

Could somebody help me with this issue? 


Thanks a lot!



  • Hi Dmitry,

    It's not a good idea to enable HTML cache on rendering if you use one rendering control multiple times on single page.

    It'll save(cache) first rendering data source and the same data will be shown for other components.

    You can consider other caching options like Prefetch Cache, Data Cache, Item Cache

    Regarding CPU utilization,  you can use process manager (monitor w3wp.exe process) to identify the issue. Sometimes, access denied/restricted to sitecore/shell folder..


    Praveen Chidaboyina

    Sitecore Certified Developer

  • The best and the shortest way to find a performance issue is use tools like Dynatrace or Newrelic. They are available in subscription model so is quite cheap to buy a subscription for a month and solve all performance problems.
  • Hi Dmitry,

    Please check the following steps it will help you to resolve the performance issue.

    Code Refactoring - by using the ANTS Performance profiler) to find bottlenecks in the code that may need to be optimized.

    Sitecore Caching

    CSS and JS  minify and compression

    Disable File Watcher file on CD servcer

    Disable other Sitecore config as per Sitecore Guideline on CD server

    Disable search indexes

    Disable performance counters using Counters. Enabled as they add overhead

    Disable memory monitor by removing the hook from <hooks />

    Enable static HTTP content compression in IIS

    Enable IIS HTTP keep-alive

    IIS Expire Web Content Header

    Enable IIS Dynamic Content Compression (Optional)



  • Hello Dmitry,

    Performance troubleshooting is Art + Science and it needs lot ot patience. I would suggest you to start from here:

    And let me know, I can help you troubleshoot.