Sitecore 8.2 - Workflow state field is not getting set to the DRAFT when update a component's text in Experience editor


 I have setup a simple workflow setup. It works fine in most of the cases but failing in below use case. 


1) Page-A has a component B. This component's datasource content item is in the -Awaiting approval step. 

2) I open the page-A in experience editor and then update the content of above component B.

Sitecore creates a new version of component's datasource content item but doesn't push that version to workflow. Under Home -> Edit, it says, "this item is currently not a part of workflow"


I also notice that the item's workflow field is getting set to workflow as expected but the state dropdown field is empty which is suppose to be the DRAFT state. 


Have any of you run into this issue before?

  • Make sure of the following:

      1- In "Workflow" section of The standard value of your item template, Make sure that "Default Workflow" field is set to your workflow.

      2- Workflow item has "Initial State" field set to your workflow draft state item.


    Hope this helps

  • In reply to Ahmed Okour:

    Hello Ahmed, workflow is already working and both are configured properly. Only that specific case is failing.
  • In reply to Mayank Thapak:

    Hi Mayank,

    It seems like either Sitecore has a bug regarding handeling components in Exp.Editor, or you have configured the workflow a bit wrong.

    Could you provide me with some screen dumps of the workflow? I would be glad to review your workflow :)

    Best regard,
  • In reply to Rasmus Mortensen:

    Sure, I can provide but chances of workflow setup wrong is less as it is working just fine with content editor and doesn't create new version of the item until that item goes to the final step whereas via experience editor, when i lock, it adds a new version regardless the earlier version of that item is still in draft.
  • In reply to Mayank Thapak:

    Hi Mayank,

    If the workflow works correctly in "normal" cases, you should create a support ticket at this seems like a bug :)

    Best regard,
  • HI! Old topic, I know, sorry, was just curious if it turned out to be a bug?
  • In reply to Kris Bethea:

    Hello. Very old topic, sorry :). I am also very curious how this bug turned out. Any information would be helpful.
    Thanks very much.
  • Hi there!

     I have found that, because Experience Editor runs in the context of the site you are looking at, the site definition in config requires the attribute enableWorkflow="true".


    <site name="mySite" enableWorkflow="true" ... />

    This fixed the issue for me. Hope this helps.