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Sitecore 8.2 - Workflow state field is not getting set to the DRAFT when update a component's text in Experience editor


 I have setup a simple workflow setup. It works fine in most of the cases but failing in below use case. 


1) Page-A has a component B. This component's datasource content item is in the -Awaiting approval step. 

2) I open the page-A in experience editor and then update the content of above component B.

Sitecore creates a new version of component's datasource content item but doesn't push that version to workflow. Under Home -> Edit, it says, "this item is currently not a part of workflow"


I also notice that the item's workflow field is getting set to workflow as expected but the state dropdown field is empty which is suppose to be the DRAFT state. 


Have any of you run into this issue before?

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