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New template not being indexed by SOLR

Hi, hopefully someone can help me!

I've created a new template type in Sitecore and created a number of pages based on that that template. I've also published the pages. The problem I'm having is that SOLR is not picking up the new pages when I run the indexer. If I open SOLR and run a query based on the new template ID I get no results.

I've added the new template ID in the includeTemplate section of the Sitecore.ContentSearch.Solr.DefaultIndexConfiguration.config file, but no luck.

Is there anything that I've missed?

Many thanks

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  • Hi Mark,

    Can you please provide Solr query which you are using?

    Also, can you please run Solr query as below.
    Replace f4149121239f4c69bcb113c874cd8fe3 with id of page item created using your new template.


    G. Naresh Kumar
  • Can you also check path of items which you had created is comes under crawler path specified in index configuration?

    G. Naresh Kumar
  • Hi Mark,

    Few things you could check and confirm:

    1. If you plan to index every template, then do not include anything in the includeTemplate section. If this is added, then only those items would be indexed by Solr
    2. Make sure the new template is not added to the excludeTemplate section
    3. Check the field types in the new template. Make sure those fields are NOT added in the ExcludeField.
    4. If all the above are taken care of, try reindexing and check for any errors in Solr admin console. If possible you could reload the core and check.

  • Thanks all for the responses. It is indeed going into the master index, but not my custom index for some reason. I have the template ID in the included templates section of the SOLR config, but for some reason it's not being picked up. Nor, I just noticed, are the computed fields.

    The computed fields are particularly strange as I placed a logger in the method code and the correct values are being produced, but are just not being fed into SOLR.