Data representation

Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this CMS world. We have been working with some colleagues since a week, now we are facing the following, we want to populate a drop down list with Agents (it could be anything, agents, persons, products, etc). But we don't know where should be creating those records to be able to retrieve them. In a future the idea is to have linked drop down lists, like, for example, Countries -> States.

Can anyone give me an advice on how to achieve that? 

Apologies for any grammar error.

Thanks in advance.

  • I highly recommend to get official online training, it is amazing and is worth its time and money.
  • Create a folder with 1 item for each choice you want in the list. (probably in the content tree, but outside any specific site. My folder for this is called "repository". The item template of the items in this folder should be very simple, (no fields at all probably, you just need the item's name.)

    Then when you want to use this folder in the template builder set the source field to the location of the folder you set up in part 1. For linked drop down lists, I use a field of type "treelist" and store it in a single field, (with parent-child relationships setup in the repository folder.)
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    So, for any kind of custom entity/object that will manage in my model I will have to work like this? Sorry to ask this, but we are new and we are struggling a new point of view for our developments, it's until we get involved.

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    The developers don't need to be involved when you change the values to pick from. Just change what items are in your repository folder. That is the advantage of this setup.

    You can have the developers build a custom field type, but that seems overkill for what you are trying to achieve.