Any good change tracking tools / techniques?

Hello All,

We are about to migrate off Sitecore to another CMS (not my choice).

We will have a cut-off point (October 15) and the new CMS vendor will take a "snapshot" of our content and create the new pages on the new system. This process will take several weeks. In the meantime, we will have changes being made to the content on our existing installation.

Is there a way to identify which content has changed since a specified date (e.g. October 15)? (This will let me know which content items needs to be updated prior to go-live on the new system)

Is there a particular strategy that we should use to track these changes?

Has anyone moved content from Sitecore to Civic Plus?

Best way to export content?


Thanks for any insights!


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  • Hi Tomas, we had a similar situation recently and used a Sitecore PowerShell Extensions script to search all published Sitecore items and list the ones that had __Updated dates after a certain cutoff.

    Depending on your database size, this could take some resources, so maybe best to run it outside peak hours :)


    ### ----------------------------------------------- ###
    $root = Get-Item -Path "web:\content\" -Language *
    $tree = $root.Axes.GetDescendants()
    $result = @() # define array
    foreach($item in $tree)
        # Change the date on the next line to the date you're interested in 
        if ($item["__Updated"] -ge "20180227T1500" -And !$item.Template.Name.Equals("Folder"))
            $path = $item.Paths.FullPath
            $updated = ([sitecore.dateutil]::IsoDateToDateTime($item["__Updated"]))
            $updateBy = $item.Fields["__Updated By"].Value
            Write-Host $path, $updated, $updateBy -Separator ","
            $result += $item
    $result  | Format-Table -Property Name, ItemPath, Path