Error Rendering Controller: Module 5 - Creating a Breadcrumb Component - eLearning

I am running into an issue which I am stuck at within the eLearning lab. When creating my controller and controller rendering for the breadcrumb I am running into an error:

Error Rendering Controller: events.tac.local.Controllers.Breadcrumb, assemblyname. 
Action: Index: Could not create controller: 'events.tac.local.Controllers.Breadcrumb, assemblyname'. The item being rendered is: '/sitecore/content/Home/Events/Climbing/Climb Mount Everest'. 
The context item is: '/sitecore/content/Home/Events/Climbing/Climb Mount Everest'. 
The current route url is: '{*pathInfo}'. This is the default Sitecore route which is set up in the 'InitializeRoutes' 
processor of the 'initialize' pipeline.


I have googled this and tried about everything from checking the versioning and trying to add test controllers to see if they were having the same issue which they were. I have noticed my EventIntro controller rendering is rendering fine but for some reason new controller renderings give me this error. I was hoping that I could get some help over here on the community discussion board.


Controller Rendering Screenshot:


Breadcrumb Controller Code:

using events.tac.local.Business;
using System.Web.Mvc;

namespace events.tac.local.Controllers
    public class BreadcrumbController : Controller

        // GET: Breadcrumb
        public ActionResult Index()
            return View(_builder.Build());

        private readonly BreadcrumbBuilder _builder;

        public BreadcrumbController() : this(new BreadcrumbBuilder()) { }

        public BreadcrumbController(BreadcrumbBuilder builder)
            _builder = builder;




Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  • In reply to DEBAL SAHA:

    I changed the name of the controller from the BreadcrumbController to TheBreadcrumbController. This fixed the issue. Sitecore must have implemented a controller already for Breadcrumb with the newest version, not sure.