External website FXM return error on Beacon.js

I set up Sitecore 9.0.2 then add external website to FXM.


When I run external website ( which is added beacon js). It can't show me the contactId because the beacon js is error

Then I redirect to this link. It show me

Am I did wrong something?

  • There are couple of thing you may have to take a look : -

    1) Make sure to that domain you added in 1st screenshot is resolving on you machine (accessibile on Sitecore server).

    2) Add the beacon script on external website.

    3) 2nd screenshot says domaininvalid error, this happen when you have not added matching rule (where request domain is <<externalwebsitedomain>>) on the externalsite item located at /sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/FXM/<<externalwebsitedomain>> (from content tree) as shown below.


    Once you address these, publish the fxm site to see the results.