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Multiple template in same page

I am using Sitecore9. I have created a layout with two placeholder. Then I have created a template "Product". At rendering section, I added the Product template in both the placeholder. In Contect folder, I insert a template with my custom layout , I am getting two product with same data. Why? How can I add multiple product under single template?

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  • Sadeesh,

    Can you please clarify your question more would be great if you can add some screenshots also so it will be easy to understand what you want to achieve.
  • You can use the Datasource to give other data to your Product.
    Also a placeholder may contain more than 1 component.

    so on the layout on your page item you place 2 components in a placeholder and set the datasource to an item that contain the product data of the specific product.

    You can take a look at the Helix documentation helix.sitecore.net/.../index.html
    to get an idea how the layout work.
    or watch this video www.youtube.com/watch