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Sitecore Analytics not working on production

Hi All,


Have spent couple of hours today and in past days to troubleshoot analytics issue on Production server. Following are all possible test cases carried out to investigate the issue, unfortunately all cases were passed and couldn’t find the root cause.

Client is using 9.0 update 2. (One CD and One CM on Production).


Test Cases:


  1. Check logs for errors related to analytics

      Result: No related error was found related to analytics.


      2. Check certificate installation or Thumbprint are missing/incorrect.

      Result: Certificates and thumbprints were correct and properly configured.


      3. Untrusted certificates in ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’

      Result: NO untrusted certificates was found in the trusted root authorities, hence this was not our case as well.


      4. SQL Script Execution as Post Installation Step

      Result: Verified at database level, the collectionuser had all the permissions


      5. Invalid SSL Certificate on IIS Level

      Result: Valid SSL certificate is installed and assigned on all the IIS Instances.


      6. SSL Setting in IIS accepts the Client Certificates

       Result: It was already selected as ACCEPT.


       7. Application doesn’t have access to the certificate

        Result: All required access was provided to the certificates.


       8. Verify configuration files/settings related to analytics

       Result: tracking is enable and setting are fine.


       9. Check Solr is up and running, restart solr as recommended

        Result: Was verified and even restart didn’t help.


      10. Rebuild Solr indexes as recommended by Sitecore

       Result: Solr was rebuild successfully, but didn’t fix the issue.


      11. Validate if analytics data is being updated in Database

       Result: Data is being stored as expected.


       12. Rebuilding indexes, database links and deploy marketing definition

       Result: rebuild successfully, but didn’t resolve the issue.


      13. Restart xconnent and site in IIS and recycle AppPool

       Result: restarted successfully, but didn’t resolve the issue.


Can any one help, what could be the issue? This is urgent, and will appreciate the help.



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  • Just wanted to say that this is an excellent post showing the work you've already done. Have you sent this through to official Sitecore Support? They can get you the best help for production issues.

    I noticed you checked the data is in the database (that's great) but have you checked if the data is in the index? You said you rebuilt the index, but I'm not clear if the "Rebuild successfully" included checking the indexes were updated with the data you have in the database.

    Also, you checked logs, but which logs did you check? xConnect? The indexer? The CM? There may be another log to look into that might have more details.
  • 1 CM server is handling multiple roles like Content Manager, Processing, Reporting?
    If you using a dedicated processing instance, please make sure that instance are always running.