Personalize the behaviour of a component based on click of pages related

Hello everyone,
I have an issue about how to personalize a component depending on the pages visited.
My component retrieves data from a datasource which is composed by a list of items.
Depending on the page I am displaying in the website I should display my favourite item in the component.
What do you suggest to achieve this ?
I tried using personalization. I have created some rules such as: "where the current visit matches the xxx pattern card in the Misure profile" in the component where to set which item of the datasource should be shown as first item.
Then in some pages I created some profile cards. Whenever the user visits these pages with different triggers, in the component all the rules are true and always the latest rule wins over the others.
How do I give more importance to a particular rule rather than to others ?
Any suggestion ?
  • Hi Claudio - The way Sitecore personalization works, it always reads the rules top down, so your most important rule should be on the top and your least important rule on the bottom.  You can move the rules up and down by using the move up/move down under actions

  • In reply to Jaina Baumgartner:

    is correct on the top down processing of rules. Curious if this resolved your issues.
  • The rules fire in the order you put them in. So, it's a top down logic puzzle. For example, I needed a component to drive someone back to a landing page if they had visited the page but not filled out the lead capture form. And if they had filled the form out, I wanted to drive them to complementary content. So, my first rule is if they have triggered the goal for the form completion, show them additional relevant content. Second rule, is if they have visited the page, show them content enticing them to return and fill out the form. Since the rules fire in order, this wouldn't work if the two rules were switched because, either way, they visited the page. Order is of utmost importance when applying personalization.