Sitecore 8 Experience Analytics Reports are Empty


I'm running Sitecore 8 (rev. 150621) locally. When I check in Experience Profile dashboard there are Profiles created named "Anonymous" and I have created contacts using x DB Contact Creator I have some some records under these contacts also.Problem is when I check in Experience Analytics dashboard visits are empty.

I tried following post also, didn't get any result for the reports. 

Refreshing Executive Dashboard/ Experience Analytics reports 


I have data in TrafficOverview  but no data in ReportDataView  in SQL Analytics  DB and also have data in Contacts and Interactions in Mongo.


  • Hi Eranga,

    You can try the following:
    Open the reporting database using the SQL Management Studio and run the following query:
    SELECT * FROM [Segments]
    If the table is empty please perform the following:
    1) Comment the reporting.secondary connection string.
    2) Open the sitecore/admin/redeploymarketingdata.aspx page and click the Redeploy Segments button.
    3) Open the reporting database using SQL Management studio and run the following query:
    UPDATE [dbo].[Segments]
    [DeployDate] = '2001-08-05 08:44:45.500'

    Segments are used while aggregating the data for the Experience Analytics application. If the interaction.SaveDateTime <= segment.DeployDate, the interaction won't be aggregated (That's why we need to change the deploy date manually).
    4) Uncomment the reporting.secondary connection string.
    5) Rebuild the reporting database.

    Please let me know if the solution helps you.

    Best regards