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Sitecore Xdb Index Rebuild (SOLR) getting stuck

Hi there,

We've enabled indexing of PI sensitive information on Sitecore.NET 9.1.0 (rev. 001564). Now to make this effective we rebuild the SOLR (7.2.1) index according to the Sitecore documentation: 


When i trigger the rebuild we see our SOLR xdb index rebuild core reset to 0 documents (numDocs) as expected. Then we see some documents added to the index however it never reaches above 80% (sometimes more or less..) of the actual live xdb index. I've creaded a Sitecore Support issue and they suggested sizing up the XConnect Search instance and our XDB DB shards because those specs were matching the 'extra small' specs. We sized them up about one tier. Tried rebuilding again.. and now i got a max of 270 documents in the rebuild and nothing else happens. The lastModifiedDate on the core stops being updated and there are no extra documents added. The actual XDB index is being updated by the minute and there seems to be no issues there.

Did anyone of you encountered (and solved?) similar problems? 

To give an idea the current xdb production document count is about: 210000. The only errors that i found in log files related to this were:

"Sitecore.XConnect.Operations.XdbSearchOperation`1[Sitecore.XConnect.Contact]: System.TimeoutException: A wait for data to be indexed has been timed out.'"