MongoDB vs. SQL session state providers

Is there a clear difference (other than the underlying storage) between the SQL Server session state provider vs. the Mongo DB session state provider?

For example, does one perform better? Is one recommended over the other and if so, why? I noticed on the SQL Server configuration page on the doc site it says:

"If you are running an on-premise solution with a MongoDB database as your collection database, you should use MongoDB as your session store."

So my question to that is: why?? What is it about MongoDB that makes it the recommendation here? All I can think of is that if you already have MongoDB in place for xDB data collection you might as well leverage the storage for session as well so you don't have to stand up a SQL instance for session. That said, my client is very unfamiliar (from an IT support POV) with MongoDB and they want to leverage MongoDB the least amount possible which would result in only for the xDB collection mechanism and SQL for session state.

Here's the reference doc to actually configure them:

Thanks in advance

  • Hi - Product have come back to me. The answer is:

    "Customers should choose the session state provider which best matches their operational and maintenance capabilities."

    The documentation will be updated to reflect this. So no, you don't have to use MongoDB for session state if you don't want to.