Can you use goals from FXM external Sitecore to customize Sitecore site?

Assume I have Sitecore website A. An external site B. They use totally different top domains. All http.

I added FXM from Site A onto Site B.

Setup a goal C to be trigger when user visits Site B. In Site A, setup if goal C is trigger, display D on the Site A homepage.

My question is that, if user visits Site A and Site B in one browser. Should user see D when he/she refreshes Site A after visiting Site B?

tested this, D doesn't display. But I am not sure if it's Sitecore doesn't support it or I set it up wrong.

Basically it comes down to if Sitecore can track the same visitor under different domains.

Couldn't find relevant information in Sitecore documentations, it mostly talk about only on external sites.

Thanks in advance!

  • If the user performa an identifiable action on both sides (login, use email for signup or similar) then yes - Sitexore will merge the contacts(the visitor) but initially and without a identifiable action it cannot not as it uses cookies.

  • In reply to Klaus Petersen:

    Actually I found that as long as I open Site A and B in one browser, their cookies use the same value: cookie "sc_ext_contact" under Site B domain and "SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE" under Site A domain have the same value.

    But if a goal is triggered on B, the rule in Site A that's triggered by that goal won't get executed. Could you talk about this specific scenario please? I don't really understand how is that related to my scenario. Thanks!
  • Hello Ke,

    Unfortunately, because Site B is on a separate domain, you don't get the full tracking back to xDB on Site A:
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    Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. But I am unable to make that conclusion from the content of the link. Chrome has "Y" everywhere and it specifically says that

    "If the external site and the Sitecore site are hosted on different domains: For Chrome and Firefox – FXM can successfully track the same contact across both websites.",

    could you be more specific on what you are referencing to please.

  • In reply to Ke Zhan:

    Hello Ke,

    I sent you the link to help you understand why you may be seeing unexpected behavior as you didn't specify the browser you were using. With that being said, I ran a test and was able to confirm that I am seeing the same behavior as you (tested in Chrome). I set up FXM on an external site, and applied a goal to one of the pages. I then set a condition on a piece of content on my Sitecore site to change based on that goal being triggered. After triggering the goal on the external website, and navigating back to the Sitecore site, the content didn't change. So, this ultimately means that even though Sitecore sees the user as the same contact, it doesn't treat moving back and forth between the sites as the same visit.

    Not the behavior that you would expect. I am curious about this and will dig in a bit deeper to understand why.

  • In reply to Martin English:

    Thanks Martin. I ran quite a few tests as well. For personalization, Sitecore checks interactions from Sitecore.Tracking.Current.Session, that explains why it doesn't consider goals triggered from FXM on external site.

    And for MVT testing, the Conversion view from reporting database contains all conversions from FXM and Sitecore website. However the MVT testing result page calls Sitecore to query Fact_TestingConversions table which only contains conversions from Sitecore.

    I am still looking at the source code of the aggregation process. Will post more finding here. Also I am checking with Sitecore to get some official info after all it may just be a design decision.

    Note: names of class, table and views are by memory, may not be exactly correct.
  • In reply to Ke Zhan:

    I thought about the fact that we were dealing with 2 different sessions after I posted my previous note.

    Please keep me updated. Good investigation work!
  • Finally am able to update some findings regarding this.

    The session can be made to be shared by changing "FXM.ShareSessionsWhenPossible" to true in Sitecore.FXM.config file.

    However it may cause inaccurate analytics reports since interactions can only have one site associated with it and while sharing sessions between sites, the site will be set to one of the sites. So it's not recommended.

  • In reply to Ke Zhan:

    Thanks for all of the detail here Ke Zhan. I was wondering if the newer versions of Sitecore have overcome these inaccuracies (9.2) as I am facing similar requirements. I wonder if the engagement values tracked through Sites A and B are more reliable and consistent.
    Kind regards,