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Sitecore crashes when logging on without Analytics Reporting

I am currently running into an issue with Sitecore 8.2 Update 1.  I have an open support ticket with Sitecore, but no resolution yet.

We have added some analytics reports to the Launchpad.  When I log on with a user that *does not* have the Analytics Reporting role, Sitecore crashes.  Nothing in the logs, and when I attach to Sitecore with VS, it eventually breaks execution with a stack overflow.  When I log on as an Admin, or add the Analytics Reporting role to the user, then everything is good, my reports show up and Sitecore does not crash.

We do have a custom pipeline processor for mvc.renderRendering that is derived from the standard ExecuteRenderer and does little more than call the base Render method.  It does do a small amount of work afterwards to massage the HTML.  The stack overflow happens within this pipeline, so it is occurring during the rendering process.

So my question is this: does anybody in the community know if there is something that needs to configured so that Sitecore does not crash.  I added a column to the row for the built in analytics reports, added a subrendering with my report to the column, and of course changed the column widths of each column.  It seems to me that security needs to be configured, but I have not yet been able to find what needs to be configured.