Experience Profile shows empty search results but contact is on Dashboard.

I've created a new instance of the Sitecore 9 Initial Release and used XConnect to push up a single contact and interaction. I have noticed the following things:


If I select Experience Profile from the Launchpad, I am taken to /sitecore/client/Applications/ExperienceProfile/search?text=* . On this page the search results grid is empty, but the title of the grid is "Search Results (1)", suggesting I should see a result.

If I then click the DASHBOARD link at the top right, I am taken to /sitecore/shell/sitecore/client/Applications/ExperienceProfile/Dashboard . On this page under Latest Visitors I can see the contact that I created.


I've rebuilt search indexes in SOLR in case that was the problem, but it doesn't appear to have affected anything. Any ideas why it is not appearing in the default search results?

  • Hi Alex,

    It has nothing to do with your indexes needed to be rebuilt or such.

    Back in 8.2 this also happened. It's somewhat explainable why this is occurring. The Experience Analytics show every contact and interaction, because you are interested in value and overall profiling of your websites, products and pages. Because this is being processed for reporting purposes this doesn't take that much time to query upon.

    If you take a look at the Experience Profiles than "they" suggest you are only interested in contacts that are known. These known contacts are identifiable by an identifier of your choice. You could in this case be only interested in these known contacts. While they aren't anonymous anymore they are processed and added/updated in the index/collection where they are stored. The Experience Profile uses this index/collection heavilly why browsing/searching through your contacts. Also the idenfication process to identify contacts uses these contacts of course.

    If you really would like to have your anonymous contacts available in that index/collection than you need to patch that configuration. For Sitecore 9 this is put in the XConnect side of Sitecore. For Sitecore 8.2 this was part of ContentSearch.

    Sitecore 9



       Provides default configuration for component services for the application    


         When registering a type you can configure the following values:

           Type      (Required): The full type reference of the instance being registered

           As        (Optional): The type the instance may be resolved as (defaults to Type if not provided)

           LifeTime  (Optional): The lifetime of instance.  Can be Singleton or Transient. (defaults to Singleton)

           Options   (Optional): If the type contains a constuctor that recieves IConfiguration, you can proivide

                                 addtional values here to match the resulting type of options for that type.




         <!-- SearchIndexer role requires Collection and CollectionSearch role services -->




               <Type>Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Indexing.IndexerSettings, Sitecore.Xdb.Collection</Type>








               <Type>Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Indexing.DecoratedIndexer, Sitecore.Xdb.Collection</Type>

               <As>Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Indexing.IIndexer, Sitecore.Xdb.Collection</As>




               <Type>Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Indexing.IndexRebuildFlow, Sitecore.Xdb.Collection</Type>

               <As>Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Indexing.IIndexRebuildFlow, Sitecore.Xdb.Collection</As>




                 <!--Enable ParallelizationDegree setting to override default value which is (processorCount*4)-->











    And for Sitecore 8.2 this was configured differently.

    This setting specifies whether anonymous contacts and their interactions are indexed.
    If true, all contacts and all their interactions are indexed.
    If false, only identified contacts and their interactions are indexed.
    Default value: false
    <setting name="ContentSearch.Analytics.IndexAnonymousContacts" value="false"/>


    I hope you will get the point and let me know if this works for your solution!

  • In reply to Alex Wolferen:

    Hi Alex. These are contacts that have been added with information in the personal facet, and also a known contact identifier has been added - so presumably these wouldn't be considered anonymous?

    The fact that the top of the Search Results declares that it has a result (by saying "(1)") but the table is empty demonstrates that there is at least some unexpected behaviour here.
  • Hi Alex,

    When you open the ExperienceProfile it should redirect you to the dashboard and not to the search. In the search however use the filter to set an end date to your query and then you will see the contacts.

    To go directly to the Dashboard you need to fix it in Core db.
  • In reply to Alin Pârjolea:

    When you click in "Experience Profile" from the launchpad, Sitecore will (always) prompt you with the "Experience Profile - Search" page because from there you can search for the specific profile you are interested in. A clean install should not spontaneously open an experience profile of a "random" contact. Alex sure has some unexpected behavior because he's getting a result in the search results title but also no results in body of the table :)

    Alex, are there any weird exceptions or log entries in both Sitecore and XConnect logs?
  • In reply to Alex Wolferen:

    I have had another issue with these contacts, so this could be related, where I have seen an exception in the logs when trying to view their particular profiles - I have posted that in an another question but it's currently awaiting moderation as it's been flagged as spam! Hopefully it should appear soon.