Sitecore 8.0 Personalization doesn't work

Hello dear Sitecore experts!


I faced a very strange problem. We've using a Sitecore 8.0 web site with analytics enabled. And now we decided to start using personalization features. 

I created a condition for a component via experience editor. I can see 2/2 on the personalization icon. When I change rules, I can see the effect. But after publishing, nothing happens for our users. Even if I create a very simple rule like "current month". 

I checked many Internet articles and nobody faced a problem like this. As I understand, to use personalization, I must just enable analytics and nothing more. 


Could you please help me with this problem? I have absolutely no idea what to do.




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  • Hi

    You are able to see the changes in Experience Editor mode but after publishing not able to see the changes in CD Website

    Are your publish your site from Experience Editor ? Try once from Content editor is there any yellow mark sentence is showing at quick info section for any item ?

    I think while creating new profile , rule etc it has default assigned with workflow , and they try to remain stay in draft stage and thus if you publish it will not reflect in CD.

    I will also recommend you just try with one condition instead of two from the component and also have a look while applying rules on the component by default it is hide or show .

    Also check the component(rendering) is mark with html cache or not 

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    I tried to publish from Experience Editor and from Content Editor. I tried make some changes in content and after publishing I can see them. So, the publishing is OK.

    I tried to check "hide component" option for default condition and still has no effect.

    Maybe I should do something more to enable this feature?

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    To investigate the problem I installed a new empty site. And there everything works out of the box. 

    I checked the differences and found that components on my production site has "Personalization" property. But my "clean" site doesn't have it.

    Can it be the source of the issue?

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    I am also not sure about the section of "Personalization" in the component ,While creating personalization in sitecore I need to add rules or edit rules etc. I always follow this link

    But not sure how this property has come , did you add any rendering parameter or something in the template .

    Update : This default rendering parameter which is personalization section is coming because it is enable from application option show personalization section . I also didn't know about it 

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    I do the same according to the manual. But with no success :(

    Talking about  the parameter mentioned above, I found that it's standard value and all my components inherit it. 

     Do you know what is this parameter for? 



    I found what's that. It's default option and it's exists on the default site. To see this field I just enabled "personalization" tab at "Control panel".

    So, it's not the issue.


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    I created a page based on "sample" template for testing. With this page everything works OK. As I understand, the only difference is that I'm using MVC on production site. But according to manuals, my approach must work. :(
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    The default personalization section is come when it is enable from control panel select the show personalization section though change application option under view tab . Then default personalization icon will be show in the component .
    But You need to create condition to show your business content using the personalization , please check in the component if any condition is selected or not .
    Another thing also try remove the default personalization section from the component in your production site and then try to create personalization tion in the component and see if you can able to see the changes or not .

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    hi DMITRY,

    not sure whether you solved the issue or not.

    Looks like it's related with xdb/analytics. need to check xdb.enable/tracking.enable and site enabletracking. Good luck.