Triggering Goals Via Campaigns?

Hey Everyone,

I am looking to trigger a goal based on (in this case) internal campaign interaction. 

Running Sitecore 8.2.

I have created a campaign for “internal use only” called “Content CTA” it is to be used when content marketing articles drive people towards a particular goal or offer.

A banner or other link in a content article uses a sitecore campaign link to get from visitor from content to offer. Something to note here is that the visitor will hit the site on one campaign, but then trigger another one by clicking the banner/link.

I allocate no engagement value when a visitor consumes content, but which to do so when they act on a CTA within the content. Therefore I created a goal (also called “Content CTA”) which is attached to the campaign of the same name.

I was able to set all this up in the Marketing Control Panel, can confirm that all is deployed and published, and that the link is being clicked multiple times (Google Analytics content report based on campaign code). At this stage, no value is being attributed to the campaign.

I recently discovered that profile cards could not be linked to goals even though the interface allowed, is this the same case attaching goals to campaigns?