Lab 5.1.2 Student Lab Guide: Layout Page Missing


Hi there. So this is the error I keep getting in your student lab guide. It occurs right after I add the Default details to the "_Base_Page" Standard Value Template.

I'm using the Developer Trial so I'm still new to Sitecore and like I said before I've restarted the project several times so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong. I gone through google and tried all the popular fixes such as making sure my web bindings are correct on IIS to clearing my cache so I'm at a loss of where I went wrong. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Are you sure that the Layout Component Item has been ever published before?
  • Hi,
    The error shows your item not having layout/wrong path mentioned in the layout path field.
    Check your presentation details Layout(Click item -> Presentation Tab -> details)
    Check the layout path (whether it correctly points to correct view location)
  • Hi,

    Check whether you Item configured with Layout.

    Check layout present or not 

    Go to Presentation--> choose details tab in your Sitecore.if, not any layout are presented add the layout for that item.