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Sitecore Certification - Exam Voucher

Hi All,

I am planning to take Sitecore ® 9.1 Certified Platform Associate Developer Exam.

While trying to Register for an Exam, came to know, who is taking direct exam without training, need to purchase coupon/voucher from Kryterion (Screen attached). 

URL - https://www.webassessor.com/wa.do?page=publicHome&branding=SITECORE under 'Purchase Exams for Others' section

Based on info given under 'Purchase Exams for Others' section.

1. Global Kryterion support - they are not supplying any voucher and redirected to contact training@sitecore.net 

2. Sent mail to training@sitecore.net, they are redirecting to check with training-APAC@sitecore.net

3. Sent mail to Vouchers@kryteriononline.com, they are asking to skip voucher code, but it seems mandatory field to complete registeration.

Experts, Could anyone help to guide me, how to purchase Exam voucher for one person $300.


Thanks in advance

V. Arunkumar

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