Confused about content editor

hi everyone, I am a computer science student intern at a software company, and will in the near future be working with sitecore, so im spending some time trying to learn all about it, which is why I have some pretty nubeish questions for you. My first question is regarding something as simple as the content editor, it is really easy for me to find a hundred videos and articles explaining small things about it, but what I cant wrap my head around is: What is it actually, and how does it work?

Should i Just think of it as a filestructure with a lot of components that the end user can drag'n drop to design his/hers webpage?or is it more like a scaffolding of the website with some of the views as parts?

So... could someone give me a highlevel explanation of what the content editor is, without using a lot of sitecore terminology?

  • When you login into Sitecore you see standard the launchpad

    On of the apps on the Launchepad is The Sitecore Content Editor.
    In the Content editor you see all items where you have reading rights to, in a tree.

    Items are the basic building blocks of your Sitecore website. An item can represent any kind of information that makes up a webpage, for example, a piece of text, a media file, a layout, and so on.

    So in the Content editor you can navigate to an item and edit it or publish or set rights, and so on, or if it is a page you can start the Experience editor, it will open the selected page
    The Experience editor is the place where you can add components to a page, (this is also possible in the content editor but tucked away deep in the ribbon and a more technical view than visually)
  • As the name suggests, it is the tool used by Content Managers to add, update and delete content.

    Additionally, depending upon your permissions and View settings, developers and system admins can view and manipulate modules (more Sitecore features) and create and edit data templates (item definitions that are used to store the content). Sorry, it's hard not to use some Sitecore jargon when talking about Sitecore.

    If you're looking for more content author focused and high-level blogs check out

    Welcome to the Sitecore community.

  • In reply to Ken Gray:

    yes, its actually starting to make sense to me now. But i do think that the jargon has been holding me back a little
  • Content editor is nothing but it is a Tree view structure to showing all the items/templates etc of sitecore.
    These items/templates are saved into DataBase with Unique GuId.
    Suppose you have created a template with some of fields, those fields and template will be saved into DataBase table.
    Each Template/Field will contain their separate GUID, this Guid will use to inherit templates/fields to each other.