Experience Editor is too slow


Any suggestion to improve Experience editor performance. Currently we are facing very slowness in Experience Editor.

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  • You can look at this question https://community.sitecore.net/developers/f/8/t/477 that is related to Experience Editor optimization. It probably can help you in optimizing the experience editor. 

  • In reply to Rohit chopra:

    There are two parts of it.
    1. The slow start of the Experience Editor and Sitecore in general after recompiling. That's what Kam's article is about.
    2. Generally loading the Experience Editor as it seen by content editors. This directly depends on the number of loaded UI elements. It's advized to remove the functionality that you content editors are not using from the ribbon. It's easy to do either via roles (Limited/Minimal page editor) or setting permissions to items responsible for specific functionality in the ribbon.
  • This is a common issue. What I have done in past to improve the performance as much as we can:

    1. Split the page to many snippets which can be edited by Experience Editor separately instead of launching entire page in experience editor. These snippets are page sections with a group of renderings.

    2. In each rendering, remove unnecessary functionality and even some UI/UX to keep it simple in editor mode.

  • Hi there. Here are the 2 modifications that make the biggest difference in my experience.

    - Rip out the functionality related to automated A/B test suggestions. This can have a brutal impact on EE performance depending on the number of content items you have. If you don't need A/B testing there is an easy way to turn off all functionality. If you do need A/B testing enabled, it is a bit more complicated but possible.

    - There is a KB issue related to the "My Items" button in the EE ribbon that can slow down load times. kb.sitecore.net/.../549951

    But the best advice I can give you is to view the "Network tab" in a browser's dev tools to see which specific calls are delaying the EE load. You should be able to pick out a few specific calls that are the worst offenders and then start there.

    Good luck!
  • In reply to Scott Mulligan:

    What is the "easy way to turn off all [a/b testing] functionality" ?

    Is it this - sitecore.stackexchange.com/.../4026

    We have slow experience editor load (over 1 minute) every time but it is all part of the ribbon.aspx call.
  • In reply to Andrew Lansdowne:

    I think - what you mean - is by removing access to the Analytics roles. These result in the Optimisation tab being shown in the experience editor. In our version of 9.1 this is happening even though we are running in CMS only mode so xDb is disabled. Removing this tab speeds it up by 30 seconds.
    The analytics roles are inherited by default by the sitecore\Author role so if you are using that you would either need to remove the inherited roles, or inherit from "Sitecore Client Authoring" instead which gives only the basic authoring roles without analytics.