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Sitecore 9.0.2 Prefetch Cache


I'm trying to use prefetch cache for some sections of the web site in order for the web site to perform fast after the initialization.

We don't care about the site start up time.

Is there any tutorial or configuration example in order to find out a solution?


Thank you in advance.

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  • Please check below article's:


    I hope it will be helpful for you.
  • In reply to Amit Kumar:

    Dear Amit,

    Thank you very much for the response.
    But the issue is that I declare items to be prefetched but in the log I don't see them.
    Also when the application starts I the items don't seem to be prefetched.

    Is prefetch functionality only for Content management or also for content delivery?
    Because I'm trying to do prefetch on Content Delivery server.

    Due to the fact that the web site is servers are huge and the db servers are huge also I would like to prefetch GBs of data.
    So I use the following configuration:


    <template desc="template">{AB86861A-6030-46C5-B394-E8F99E8B87DB}</template>
    <template desc="template section">{E269FBB5-3750-427A-9149-7AA950B49301}</template>
    <template desc="template field">{455A3E98-A627-4B40-8035-E683A0331AC7}</template>

    <template desc="node">{239F9CF4-E5A0-44E0-B342-0F32CD4C6D8B}</template>
    <template desc="folder">{A87A00B1-E6DB-45AB-8B54-636FEC3B5523}</template>

    <template desc="language">{F68F13A6-3395-426A-B9A1-FA2DC60D94EB}</template>
    <template desc="device">{B6F7EEB4-E8D7-476F-8936-5ACE6A76F20B}</template>

    <template desc="content page">{8C0CDFFF-1E0B-47EA-A18D-963C051A39F6}</template>
    <template desc="destination page">{F295C244-C913-4149-8569-80818962BB0C}</template>
    <template desc="airports">{14202399-25A4-445B-93D8-B3968A51A012}</template>

    <item desc="root">{11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111}</item>
    <children desc="main sections">{11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111}</children>

    <item desc="Home">{8D316272-0665-4621-8C0A-8346986F3376}</item>
    <children desc="Pages under Home">{8D316272-0665-4621-8C0A-8346986F3376}</children>
    <item desc="Section 2 Home">{28FB2650-D984-4BFF-A39D-479A0F9BD1FB}</item>
    <children desc="Pages under Section 2 Home">{28FB2650-D984-4BFF-A39D-479A0F9BD1FB}</children>

    <children desc="Airports">{17E10657-FDFD-431E-A99B-260E5B5EACA8}</children>
    <children desc="Destinations">{4B1AA0FB-02A5-4087-9C12-F73CE640320D}</children>

    Thank you in advance
  • In reply to Konstantinos Tsilikounas:

    As per my understanding its different for Master and Web db. So you have to define the Database, on which prefetch needs to be applied.