community management module in sitecore

 Hello Experts,

I would like to know is there any module available in sitecore for community management application ( I could not find it in marketplace)? Or has any one implemented community management functionality in sitecore and if yes what third party tools/technology used in apart from Sitecore. I want to create a community management functionality where community members can share and exchange information ,articles, training materials , post and discussions etc with other members.

Building the entire functionality from scratch is my last option and before that is some free ware tool/ or module is available, I would like to try for that.

Any help or direction is appreciated.




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  • You can take a look at Telligent it was a Technology partner from Sitecore, but today I cant found it on the Sitecore Website?. Also this forum use Telligent. (In my opinion, this community.sitecore is rather badly implemented that gives some thought, but I never used Telligent so I can't judge)