Have any of you seen sitecore used to create an authenticated customer application or portal?


I am new to sitecore, but experience with the development of customer applications.  I have switched companies and our marketing team is looking to create a customer portal on sitecore and I am wondering about the pros and cons of that decision.  As a product manager, I want to be sure we can be successful with this choice, but my gut is telling me this is very risky.  I have never heard about a customer application being built on sitecore.  

Is there anyone that has done this or would help provide me with some more insight?



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  • Now a days most of the web portal is customer oriented and having capability to create space for customer. It will be great if you can elaborate what are the key features you are looking into your customer application portal. To address security concern, for secure authentication we can use different IAM like Forgerock /Gigya which can ensure security of customer data across different channel. Please share your other risk which you feel could be possible security breach.