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Port number coming in workbox actions


I am not able to do any action in workbox, As most of the action redirect me back to the workbox page with port number in the url. And we have not opened that port number for internal access, so it taking us to site not available page. I want to know how to avoid the port number in the worbox page action url.

Example: If i select refresh option in the workbox. its making post call to "sitecore/shell/Applications/Workbox.aspx?sc_bw=1" and in response i am getting url with port number like  this below {"commands":[{"command":"SetAttribute","value":"/temp/iconcache/people/16x16/user1.png","id":"globalHeaderUserPortrait","name":"src"},{"command":"SetPipeline","value":"2D8C27809F764B95B6A1782D7A36DB57"},{"command":"SetLocation","value":"https://sitename:44300/sitecore/shell/Applications/Workbox.aspx?sc_bw=1&reload=1"}]}.

After that response it will redirect me to the url with port number in the response which is not accessible outside the server.


Can you suggest how to avoid the port no in the workbox urls.



Sundarram Rajaram