Elearning: Sitecore® Platform Essentials for Developers 9.0 course vanished!

So I bought myself the 1500$ Elearning with one exam at 10-6-2019 (EU) for this course: 

Sitecore® Platform Essentials for Developers 9.0

TIL that the course is under edit and that the price has gone down to $800

Im midway in the course and really need to be able to finish it asap. What is changing on the new version of the course and where can I find more information about it? Generally: can someone tell me why the "old" course is not online anymore? That would at least give me the opportunity to learn something instead of not able to do jack...

Thanks for the answer in advance..


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  • Hi Terry, make sure to reach out to training@sitecore.com for help with eLearning courses. They can probably tell you what happened with the course and how to access the one you are currently registered for.