Sitecore Author Toolbox 1.7 is available (Chrome Extension)

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share the release of Sitecore Author Toolbox 1.7. It's a Google Chrome Extension that enables new features in Content Editor/Experience Editor. (It also comes with a Sitecore Dark Mode)

Here is the list of main features:

• Displays live/preview URLs in message bar
• Grouped error messages
• Language flags + version highlight
• Native Drag and Drop (Media Library)
• Rich Text Editor: HTML/CSS color syntax + autocompletion • Desktop notification on Publish • Dark Mode UI • Right-to-left support in CE (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Undu, Sindhi) • Resume form where you left (after login/reload, keeps your item id, language and version selected) • Character counter • Accordion sections to Tabs • Auto Expand Tree • Translate Mode Copy Button • Experience Editor Quick Tabs

You can download it from here

Any feedback welcome ;-)