Sitecore Free Developer License – 60 Days Trial

Sitecore launched a trial license with 60 days trial.

Its such a great news for the folks who are either

  1. New to Sitecore and want to make their hands dirty on Sitecore Development
  2. Freelancers who are currently not on any project
  3. Developers who are not allowed to use the Client’s license on personal machine for self study.

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  • Thank you for sharing Amitabh! I've been very excited about this new program that we will be launching in the new year. I just posted some details about the current preview of the Developer Trial Program on our Technical Marketing Blog:
  • In reply to Sitecore St-Cyr:

    Agree Jason, this is a very long awaited and badly needed initiative. We are thankful to Sitecore for this. I am sure this will be beneficial for a lot of our folks around the globe.

    In fact I personally feel we should also launch something for the non-technical/functional users who want to explore Sitecore for their business needs, especially Digital Marketers, Content Authors etc.

    Like Microsoft Dynamics have their online Portals with limited trial periods where we can experience the functional capabilities of the product.

    Similarly we can also launch something like SaaS with all the essential components needed to make basis website running. Where development will not be possible but the users can explore all the powerful functionality of the product.

    Just a thought.
  • In reply to Amitabh Vyas:

    Hi Amitabh, may I please know how do I get the 60 day free licence as I am unable to find one. Also if I can have your mail id then it would be great, (
  • In reply to Dhaval Desai:

    Hi Dhaval, you can sign up for the trial at

    As a note, this is a public forum and I would suggest you share email addresses via private messaging and not openly as you may start receiving messages from undesired locations. You can connect with individuals here on the forums directly, but you can also message them on the Sitecore Slack (