Migration of community.sitecore.net servers - May 14th, Monday

Dear Sitecore Community,

first of all thank you for your being with us, asking questions and helping others with your answers.

As a support from our side we are planning a migration of the Community Site to new, better, bigger servers, which is currently scheduled to occur on Monday, May 14th.

While we do not anticipate any downtime, we are planning to have a window of time where the community.sitecore.net discussion boards will be set to “Read-only” mode (approximately 2-3 hours). This “Read-only” window of time is needed to transfer the latest Telligent DB to the new servers and will ensure no data is lost from the old servers during the migration.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Sitecore Technical Marketing Team 

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  • Thanks for posting this Tamas!

    The server migration for community.sitecore.net is now complete! Thanks again for your patience as we moved to a new home.

    Please reach out to us if you see any new and unexpected issues after today's migration.

    Thanks all,
    Scott Mulligan