Addition of digital asset management and content operations...

In the event anyone missed our announcement last week at Symposium....

'Sitecore to Acquire Innovative Content Marketing Software Vendor Stylelabs'. Note, Sitecore’s acquisition of Stylelabs is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in October 2018.

We will keep you posted as we have information to share with our Sitecore Community Family!



2 Replies

  • Hi Lynnette,

    May be this question is bit early to ask but I am curious to know what is the plan for existing sitecore DAM connectors for example a connector for Picturepark and Digizuite. As the stylelabs has its own DAM tool, will the existing connector remain alive?

  • In reply to Kapil Naker:

    Though this is a question for Sitecore, I would like to reply (Lynnette from Sitecore can correct me, if required) - the connector with respective product is not controlled / maintained by Sitecore. It is maintained either by the 3rd party product company or by any of their partners. Hence these connector assets will continue to exist till the time the respective organization decides to.